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We make hot sauce we like to eat.


In 2019, we planted a small garden at our Metro Detroit home. The first thing we planted had to be hot peppers. By the end of the season we had more peppers than we knew what to do with so we made some hot sauce and devoured it immediately. We kept buying hot sauce from the store, in hopes that it would bring the same heat and flavor of what we made that summer...but it never lived up to our expectations. So we kept on making our recipes.


Since then we've made countless batches and iterations, refining and exploring the flavors, making improvements (and mistakes). From the beginning the sauce has been all natural - no extracts, no gums, no preservatives. Just fresh ingredients so the full character of the peppers can shine through.


Put it on everything. Be nice.



The Official Hot Sauce of Detroit City FC

Find us all season long at Keyworth Stadium and the Detroit City Fieldhouse Bar and Grill


Shipping Transparency 

Getting our hot sauce from our warehouse to your mouth in one piece can be costly. As much as Amazon doesn't want you to believe it, shipping is not free. 

We are working with our shipping partners to lower the cost of sending a bottle your way. Right now, the most cost effective and efficient way to ship our products is by USPS Priority Flat Rate, which includes tracking. We off-set your cost of shipping to make sure there are no barriers for you to try our products.

We want nothing more than to send you our hot sauce - and we truly appreciate you for supporting us and putting a new sauce on your table. 

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